Will Robots Replace Human Recruiting?

As competition for technical talent increases for companies, it’s no surprise that companies are searching for new alternative ways of attracting talent. Companies need to source and discover talent more efficiently. Machine learning is rising as a secret weapon in the recruiting arsenal of #HR and #Sourcing products. Do you know what Machine Learning is? Machine learning is giving computers the ability to learn without explicit programming. This is largely accomplished throu

Fake Applicants! Fake Interviewee! FAKE FAKE FAKE! STOP NOW!

Did you know there are Fortune 500 companies that spend tens of thousands of dollars a month on job postings on sites such as Indeed, Linkedin, Dice, Monster, etc. and don’t even review any of the candidates that apply to an online position? CRAZY! Why, you ask? The market for Placements Agencies, H1-B Agencies, and other types of recruitment firms is extremely competitive. Everyone wants to get their foot through the door! Some have better strategies than others! Due to this