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Your next Recruiting Assistant could just be a bot!

How would you feel if you could streamline your recruiting process to reduce cost-per-hire and improve candidate experience simultaneously? The end goal of Artificial Intelligence and Automation in recruiting is to do just that: improve initial outreach, appointment setting, effective and efficient follow-up, and a lot more to come! Luckily, we have large corporations battling the last few years to improve AI with companies like Microsoft (365 Gadget), Amazon (Lex), IBM (Powered by Watson), and many others!

Natural Language Processing, Chatbots, Machine Learning, and Deep learning are all the new fad in today’s world, especially in the recruiting industry (for those actively listening and learning).

As with all things technical in our world of recruitment there is the sexy version and then there is the “recruiter’s version,” in this case Open AI and Programmatic AI

What are the differences that you need to know?

Open AI - is sexy, futuristic, IBM Watson type of stuff – Cure the world and feed the planet missions, which is why most companies haven’t yet grasped the idea around how AI can help scale their recruiting organization. It’s not an easy sell.

Programmatic AI - on the other hand is where we see the vast majority of startups building amazing products like TextRecruit’s Ari or HiringSolved’s Rai, and X.ai for calendaring and one of my favorites Wade and Wendy. Programmatic AI is set to attack specific tasks, process and gaps. It’s a core business process killer that when employed properly will allow a recruiting team to do amazing things.

Let’s get you started on using AI and Chatbots today to save you time!

Use Data to drive your interview process, something chatbots can do!

First, check out what your current recruiting numbers today. For some people, it’s crazy high. But let’s look at a realistic number for a single day: 25 open job orders, 50-60 candidate calls, 7-9 phone screens, and 3-5 candidate submittals per day. These are realistic numbers. They may not invoke the highest quality, but that is bias depending on the recruiting. The real question, how are you accurate with that type of volume daily? How do you remember everything? How do you schedule follow ups that are accurate? How do you know when you finally have the right role for the candidate? These are all questions AI Chatbots are trying to solve.

The cool part, Chatbots can listen, build, and assess information coming in. A bot can complete applicant profiles, make simple assessments on candidates, start ranking them accordingly skills both to other applicants as well as internal employees. These bots can boost recommendations on how to find better talent and allow you to get the right people at the front of the line so you don’t miss out on them.

This concept scares a lot of people. There’s going to be a large group of people that disagree and argue that the human element supersedes the need for automation in the recruiting process with AI bots. I will always support that fact that humans can utilize technologies to improve day-to-day operations and optimize their time spend on the important tasks: phone calls, relationship building, closing candidates, and facilitating expectations.

Let’s start with the eliminating calendars in your recruiting process.

How many emails get lost in your inbox from A-Candidates yearly do you think? Or, how many times have you lost a candidate because you didn’t respond to them fast enough? You know how that story goes! The perfect resume hits your ATS, you call and chase the candidate, you schedule a meeting, send the calendar invite that’s confirmed, and the candidate misses the meeting due to miscommunication from a past voicemail before confirmation. No one likes the cat and mouse chase of scheduling appointments.

You only have so much time in a day! Why waste them scheduling appointments when you could have someone automate and do the scheduling for you? This can be done when you’re at dinner with your significant other. This could happen when you’re on the golf course with a potential client you’re trying to acquire. Find a Chatbot that allows your recruiters to connect with applicants on their time.

Let’s give your candidates a better experience with messaging!

Initial outreach and early stage communication is vital. This is one of the most important parts of the recruiting process. Initial communication takes a lot of effort and personalization. Therefore, most recruiters struggle and fail at first impressions. This stage typically terns into boilerplate message and copy/paste messages because they’re often seen as a “time waster.”

Think about messaging, tone, response times and putting the right job in front of the right prospect, at the right time. These are part of the recruiter’s job that they like, but often fail to complete in timely matter, ultimately losing the candidate and the hiring teams trust. This is a stage that could use a lot of improvement for a lot of recruiters. This is where most candidates get pissed off. This is the stage that ends up as hate posts on LinkedIn.

This is something where chatbots can become a huge asset.

Imagine all the benefits from this!

Here is a real scenario that can happen today, and one that will be better as this process gets more intelligent. Your job is not at risk unless you refuse to grow with technology.

One of many scenarios:

A Job Order or Job Description is created and placed on Indeed, Glassdoor, Dice, LinkedIn, Angel List, or wherever else you place your jobs. You have a specific type of applicant in mind and you’re target specific profiles. These specific candidates see your ads on targeted sites like Facebook Ads, Video, and more. When the candidate sees the ad, they start to engage and are redirected to Facebook Messenger where they get to start communicating with a bot hired by your recruitment team. The do a fast mini-interview that auto fills what would typically be an application but feels like a conversation. After completing the mini-interview, the bot scores the applicant and if scored as “qualified” it will begin scheduling an initial appointment in your calendar. The candidate is now confirmed in your calendar for a phone interview efficiently. The candidate didn’t get frustrated from waiting months to hear back from you because the application that they submitted was lost. Everyone wins.

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