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Will Robots Replace Human Recruiting?

As competition for technical talent increases for companies, it’s no surprise that companies are searching for new alternative ways of attracting talent. Companies need to source and discover talent more efficiently. Machine learning is rising as a secret weapon in the recruiting arsenal of #HR and #Sourcing products.

Do you know what Machine Learning is?

Machine learning is giving computers the ability to learn without explicit programming. This is largely accomplished through various pattern recognition processes. This could include recognizing specific criteria in previous employment, similar personality profiles, similar education backgrounds, and more! If you’re using a Machine Learning tool, it is typically finding candidates by identifying patterns in data that produce the best results based off your search criteria. Therefore, the computer is searching for patterns and correlations that the human eye might overlook. In result, there’s an increase in quality of candidates. The crazy part, it’s just the beginning and the possibilities are infinite.

Imagine if you were able to predict the crash of a specific market, and know where the excess of available candidates in a specific field could be found. This would allow you to focus your efforts as a recruiting or hiring manager to take advantage of the situation before anyone else knows. This idea of predictive analytics could be a game changer for those that catch on and use their resources and tools at hand wisely. This would give recruiters and hiring managers a serious advantage over their competitors and would allow them to reach out and make connections much earlier in the recruiting process.

What's the big deal and why do you need to pay attention as a recruiter?

For most recruiters, it takes a significant amount of time and energy to source specifics candidates. Even more so, most recruiters have massive networks, but don’t really have the resources to manage and leverage their connections in an effective manner. It’s always hilarious when I see recruiters boasting about their 7,000 connections when most are not utilizing them correctly. Better yet, are they the right connections?

This is where Machine Learning has an advantage; #ML and Artificial Intelligence can source through your connections to help you find the right people to talk to when doing a specific search. So, the real question, how? There are multiple Machine Learning programs that can start to recognize pure data points of candidates’ contact information, their profile, their work history, their education, etc. and auto recommend candidates to a specific job posting (Talentful.ai has a referral auto recommendation system that does just this!). The algorithm does not automatically select the best candidate, but instead it narrows the field of search and allows the recruiting or hiring manager to focus on analyzing the intangibles that the machine learning algorithm can’t see (i.e. culture fit, personality, personal preferences on previous employers, etc.). Due to this additional insight, companies are able to find stronger hires and receive a higher return on their investment than traditional sourcing methods. Again, using Machine Learning, recruiters and hiring managers are able to receive deeper insight and collect information more efficiently.

As time goes on, recruiters can start including additional requirements that can provide a broader view of trends in specific industries and even specific job titles. Due to predictive analytics, there are programs being developed that can analyze whether or not a certain developer is interested in shifting jobs due to their previous employment and their average lifespan at a single job. This will allow recruiters to anticipate when they should contact specific candidates based off trends. Time equals money, and machine learning will save recruiters unimaginable amounts of time.

Is the apocalypse coming?

It’s always funny with all the conspiracy theorists out there in the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re on #Elon’s side or #Zuckerberg’s side about Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning is applied technology specifically for predictive analytics, it is no the beginning of the apocalypse. Machine Learning won’t be able to completely replace human recruiters, not anytime in the near future anyways. There’s going to be a need for human interaction and communication to feel secure. I do believe,

Machine Learning is going to change the way people source and save themselves a lot of time. In an Ideal world, it will reduce the amount of unnecessary SPAM that new recruiters send in mass waves. Ideally, it’ll provide recruiters the ability to gather more insight and details to make an executive decision if a candidate is likely to be a good fit for a specific position.

Machine Learning can be a tool to increase your reputation as a recruiter and allow you to get in front of candidates in a positive and respectful manner. Candidates are sent so many opportunities daily, using ML/AI tools can create a huge advantage and show potential prospects that you’re willing to go the extra mile to discuss a REAL opportunity with them. I imagine a huge increase in potential engagement, which will create more efficient recruiting practices.

There are ways for technology to streamline and improve the hiring process, but at the end of the day, no one wants to feel like they are some sort of cog in a machine. Consider this, #Google is currently developing autonomous driving cars but have yet to even attempt to create an autonomous recruiting system. This is because, as easy it would be for a company like Google to develop an autonomous recruiting platform, the amount of time it would take to create compared to the extremely narrow application it would offer inhibit it from becoming a truly viable product. That being said, just because we can’t automate the entire recruiting process doesn’t mean that we can’t dramatically improve it, but it needs to develop over time. Cars could park themselves before they became fully autonomous. Automated recruiting will evolve in the same way. You must crawl before you can walk, and even though we are only in the crawling phase of machine learning applied recruiting, the possibilities are as thrilling as they are endless.

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