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Fake Applicants! Fake Interviewee! FAKE FAKE FAKE! STOP NOW!

Did you know there are Fortune 500 companies that spend tens of thousands of dollars a month on job postings on sites such as Indeed, Linkedin, Dice, Monster, etc. and don’t even review any of the candidates that apply to an online position? CRAZY! Why, you ask?

The market for Placements Agencies, H1-B Agencies, and other types of recruitment firms is extremely competitive. Everyone wants to get their foot through the door! Some have better strategies than others! Due to this fact, there are several “Managers” that attempt to submit false resume to multiple positions all over the web! These candidates look flawless! They are the type of resumes you see in your dreams. These are the resume you cross your fingers and your toes, while holding your breath to be real…. but, they’re not. They are completely fake and fraudulent! It’s a total bait and switch moment to get you hooked on their “employee” or candidate they want to sell you! This same resume can be sent to the same application with 10+ different names, 10+ different false emails, but somehow all have the exact same phone number! Fancy that!

While at Talentful, I have talked to several employees at multiple companies: T-Mobile, Starbucks, Amazon, Airbnb, Lyft, Takt, and many others! Why post a job if you’re not going to review applicants? The answer seemed to be consistent. “We want candidates to know that we’re hiring. However, it takes too much time to review resumes. There’s too many fake applications that we can’t use and it’s distracting. So, instead, we focus on recruiters to source their own candidates. If an applicant applies online they’re entered into our database automatically via their submission to a job posting. If our recruiters and sourcing are search for a candidate, they may be found and contacted.” From a Recruiting Manager at T-Mobile. This to me is insane! If a candidate is ready to go, and they’re qualified, then you should contact them!!!!!

So, how can we help companies utilize and trust their online applications again?

How can you avoid these fake resumes?

Thanks to advancements in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing there’s a chance to help companies utilize the dollars they’re already spending. Not only will it help with costs, but it’ll also help with applicants getting frustrated that they NEVER EVER get a reply in a timely manner.

Talentful, using Natural Language Processing, can filter resumes in your inbound applications! We can identify fraud resumes and stack rack applicants against job postings that you have to help save you time. We want to empower recruiters and hiring managers to trust their inbound applications again! “Make Recruiting Great Again!” Let’s help you find the gold coming through the pipeline so you can engage with candidates actively searching to work with you TODAY!

If you’re someone also struggling with fake resumes, incomplete applications, etc., we should definitely schedule a time to talk! I would love to help you solve this major problem and help you utilize your dollars already being spent!

Not only can we help with inbound applicants, we can also do a few other things with the other cool features we have to improve sourcing and increase referrals.

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